Welcome to Cristalline Soins Energetiques

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Welcome to Cristalline

Providing natural therapy that gently balances lifes energies to bring about health and well being.

This energy therapy acts on all the energy centers (chakras) by the laying on of hands.

Energy therapy addresses the body as a whole - physically and mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to acheive a psychological balance. Energy therapy and reiki help to dissolve the energy blockages and revitalize the body helping to bring about self-confidence and self-esteem and general well being.

Therapy reinforces the immune system and can help with the elimination of toxins helping to provide relief from a wide range of ailements including : migraines, back pain disorders, burns, skin problems, tendinitis, depression, arthritis pain and insomnia. Therapy relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and reduces fear, anxiety and stress.

By working with emotions and feelings, energetic healing also allows for personal development . Addressing emotions is a powerful factor when working towards a return to balance and harmony.

Energy therapy shows that a large majority of physical ailments are rooted to mental and emotional issues. Eneregy therapy and reiki treats the cause as well as the effects.

It is also a moment of relaxation allowing you to return to a state of well-being.


"Plongez dans l’océan de lumière qu’est la vie…"

Claudine Avenne